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Counterfeit Announcement
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Counterfeit Announcement

Shenzhen Senbo Electronic Co.,Ltd(Senbo)recently appeared on the market fake high copy Senbo product (Senbo batteries, mobile phone business battery version). engaged in illegal business activities, and seriously damaged the interests of the majority of users and mobile phone battery market.order, while a serious impact on the reputation of the company.

In order to protect the interests of consumers and maintain the "Senbo" brand, our company released the following statement:

1、Our products take the Part direct marketing and the subordinate distribution companies, the long-term agreements dealer distribution channel sales. All bear the long-term agreements dealer of distribution our products are in possession of the qualification certificate issued by our company.

2、The majority of customers in the procurement of our products, require the other party to provide the complete product of the original instrument or login Senbo official website ( security label security check, please pay attention to identify the authenticity, raise awareness of illegalvigilance and identification judgment of business activities, not to lawless elements an opportunity to exploit. If you have any doubt, please call our customer service phone.

3、Any counterfeit Senbo brand, the contract for the sale of counterfeit our products, the certificate of product quality, product labels, and other related instruments, units or individuals engaged in illegal business activities, our company will promptly take legal means to pursue their legal obligations seriously .

4、Welcome the customers and the community in reporting illegal business activities of all kinds of counterfeit Senbo brand, we sincerely grateful to the 5000-10000 financial interests and incentives.

Now have two regions produce the reproduction of counterfeit Senbo products in Myanmar and Vietnam, When the customer buy our products, Pls recognize the product packaging, and pay attention to check the dealers or agents whether have the relevant certificates of the Senbo with the distribution of certificates.

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